OBS Studio download the latest version (23.1)

Nowadays, streaming and recording videos are in trend. So, here I am providing the best free software for streaming as well as recording, and that is “OBS studio” download from below.

OBS, also known as “Open Broadcaster Software” is a great software especially for those who are streaming their games over Youtube.

PUBG mobile is a trending game nowadays for streaming. Many youtube creators have started PUBG mobile and streaming their game-plays.

Many, or I can say most of the Youtuber’s using this software, because of it’s high-quality video streaming services and advanced settings for streaming seamlessly.

The size of this software is not very big, but many people have requested me for uploading this software.

So, now here it is, Obs studio download from below.

Basic details about the software

OBS is a free and open-source software suite for recording and live streaming. Written in C and C++, OBS provides a real-time source and device capture and many other things.

OBS Studio is maintained by the OBS project. The program has support for Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.10 and later, and Ubuntu 14.04 and later.

  • Original author: Hugh “Jim” Bailey
  • Initial release: v0.32a / 1 september 2012
  • Stable release: v23.0.2 (Studio) / 8 March 2019
  • Written in: C, C++
  • OS: Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.10 and later, Linux
  • Type: Software vision mixer, streaming media
  • License: GNU (General Public Licence) (click here to know more)
  • Website: click here

OBS Studio download | services provided by the software

  • Software vision mixer
  • Streaming media
  • Real-time source and device capture
  • Scene Composition
  • Encoding
  • Recording
  • Broadcasting

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obs studio download
Screenshot 1
obs studio download
Screenshot 2

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the file using WinRar
  • You will see 3 folders
  • Click on “Bin” folder
  • Click on “64bit” folder
  • There you will see the application
  • Just double click to open the software
  • Enjoy

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OBS studio download | Using instructions

Just watch this video for understanding the using of OBS studio


OBS studio download section


Click here to download


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Final words

You don’t have to install the software.

Just go through the instructions for using the software.

If you are newbie, then you should watch the above video for better understanding.

Use the software and stream and record seamlessly.

Thank you.

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